KSB supports local and international aid projects

As part of its holiday charity campaign, KSB is donating a total of € 40,000 to aid projects in Germany and other parts of the world. The pump and valve company has earmarked € 10,000 for each of three projects in Germany: arche NoVa, a Dresden-based initiative that supports people in need; Aktion Deutschland Hilft, a network of aid organisations headquartered in Bonn; and Hattiban-Förderkreis of Bergisch Gladbach, which benefits schoolchildren in Nepal. KSB is also sending € 5,000 each to the daily newspapers Nordbayerischer Kurier (“Menschen in Not”) and Nordbayerische Nachrichten (“Schmücken und Helfen”), which provide assistance to the needy in and around the city of Pegnitz via different projects. This Upper Franconian community is home to KSB’s second-largest location in Germany.

The funds to be sent abroad will help improve access to water and the sanitary facilities available at schools. Next year, the beneficiaries will include the students at the Al-Enshra school, which is located at a refugee camp in northern Iraq; the Al-Habab school in Sana’a, one of the cities affected by the conflict in Yemen; and two schools in Dakshinkali and Bhaktapur (Nepal), which are still suffering from the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake.

 “As a global company, we’re happy to fulfil our social responsibilities both locally and around the world,” affirms Chairman of the KSB Board of Management [Vorstandssprecher] Dr Stephan Timmermann, who goes on to point out how much can be accomplished by making targeted donations to specific countries of Asia and the Middle East.

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