KSB opens second training centre in Hanover

KSB Aktiengesellschaft has opened a second automation training centre in Hanover in order to provide training for consultants, engineering contractors and operators from northern Europe.

Alongside training in the theoretical principles of electric drive and control technology for centrifugal pumps, participants will benefit from practical experience handling variable speed pumps as well as from tips for real-world applications.

This training seeks to help participants plan, optimally select and install, as well as economically operate pumps and systems. In addition, the centre offers hands-on experience with the new energy-saving motors with efficiencies of almost 90 percent at 1.1 kW, variable speed systems enabling energy savings of up to 60 percent, and multiple pump management systems. Using functional models, pump users can learn how the energy efficiency concept developed by KSB is able to save electricity in practice by running pumps in line with demand.

The new training centre is located in the "Robotation Academy" at the Hanover trade fair site in pavilion 36. More information about the seminars on offer can be found by contacting Martin Bartels, martin.bartels@ksb.com, Tel. +49 30 43578-5041, at KSB Aktiengesellschaft.

hannover-schulungszentrum-bild KSB opened its second training centre at the Hanover trade fair in pavilion 36 at the start of April 2010 © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

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