Cooling water pumps for Saudi Arabian power station

In March 2010, the KSB Group received an order for five giant main cooling water pumps in the million euro range. They will be supplied to the Saudi Arabian power station of Rabigh situated on the coast of the a hundred kilometres north of Jiddah. The new installation is a 1,200 MW heavy oil fuelled steam power station.

The pumps will be supplying the seawater needed for cooling the condensate circuit. The order covers the supply of five vertical tubular casing pumps type SEZA 22-160, each with a flow rate of 15.5 cubic metres per second and a head to be overcome of just under seventeen metres.

The pumps will be driven by vertical high-voltage motors with a rated power of 3,300 kW and an operating voltage of 13,800 volts each. With their twenty-six poles, the pumps are extremely slow-running and the propeller speed is 273 revolutions per minute.

Since the temperature of the seawater to be pumped can reach thirty-two degrees Celsius and as it is very aggressive, all metal parts in contact with it will be manufactured from seawater-resistant special steels. The complete pump sets will have a total weight of around 130 tonnes and an overall height of almost twenty metres.

Shipment of the first few units is scheduled to start in April 2011. Reasons for placing the order with the KSB Group included, for example, the numerous references it was able to present of similar installations around the world, and the relatively short delivery times despite the complex technology.

SEZA pumps of the type that will be supplied to Rabigh power station in. SEZA pumps of the type that will be supplied to Rabigh power station in. KSB Aktiengesellschaft

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