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  1. Underground drinking water

    Computer image of the entire pumping installation

    The United Nations General Assembly has declared 22 March as World Water Day. This day is dedicated to technical projects aiming to improve the drinking water supply of people all over the world. One of these projects concerns a unique water supply system on Indonesia´s Java island, which was designed by scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and commissioned in March 2010.

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  2. KSB at WTT Expo 2010


    Frankenthal-based KSB Aktiengesellschaft will for the first time present the Etanorm SYT pump series in . Standardised pumps that have been constantly improved over decades provided the basis for developing the new models for the transport of mineral oil or synthetic base heat transfer fluids in heat transfer systems and for hot water circulation. In addition, KSB will showcase other pumps at the trade fair such as the Etamagno mag-drive pump and canned motor pumps made by Nikkiso-KSB.

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  3. New Circulating Pumps for Heat Transfer Systems


    In April 2010, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, will present their updated Etanorm SYT pump series to the public for the first time. KSB's latest generation of single-stage volute casing pumps has been specially developed for applications in modern heat transfer systems and hot water circulation.

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  4. KSB Group equips Mexican pumping station


    At the beginning of 2010, KSB de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. received the order to equip La Caldera pumping station in Mexico City with twenty-four large waste water pumps. Sixteen of these are among the largest waste water pumps that KSB is building at its plant in Halle, Germany. Each of the submersible motor pumps type Amarex KRT K 700-900 weighs around 10,500 kg and has an output of approximately 2,000 litres per second.

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  5. New self-priming hygienic pumps


    At this year´s TECHNOPHARM held in Nuremberg in April, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany, will make a first-time presentation of yet another pump type series for use in the pharmaceutical and food & beverages industries as well as in biotechnology.

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  6. KSB Group supplies pumps for Lake Mead Tunnel


    GIW Industries, a KSB Group subsidiary based in Grovetown, Georgia, will provide eight heavy-duty slurry pumps for the construction of Lake Mead Intake Tunnel No. 3.

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