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This page contains all our press releases from 2009.

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  1. New Energy-saving Swimming Pool Recirculation Pumps

    Mit der Baureihe Filtra N stellt die KSB Aktiengesellschaft Anfang 2010 die jüngste Generation ihrer seit Jahren bewährten Schw

    At the beginning of 2010, KSB Aktiengesellschaft will launch its new Filtra N pump series. This is the latest generation of KSB´s swimming pool recirculation pumps, which have a proven track record of reliable service.

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  2. Cooling water pumps for Rotterdam power station


    End of September 2009, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany, received an order for 2 main cooling water pumps worth several million euros for a new power station in Rotterdam.

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  3. KSB Group equips dredgers


    Two dredgers built at a Dutch shipyard will be equipped with specialised pumps by the KSB Group.

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  4. The latest generation of submersible motor pumps


    At the start of 2010, the Frankenthal (Germany) based KSB Aktiengesellschaft, will launch its latest generation of submersible motor pumps. Ama-Drainer N pumps automatically drain pits, shafts and cellars, and extract water from rivers and reservoirs.

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  5. Offshore pumps run in continuous operation since 1989


    At the end of 1989, the KSB Group supplied the Norwegian offshore platform named Snorre A with five special pumps. The pump units have been in operation ever since. In order to maintain the pressure in the oil field, they have been pumping seawater into the oil field at high pressure for the past twenty years.

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  6. Pumps for fifty-two Chinese effluent treatment plants


    In August of this year the KSB Group signed a framework agreement covering the supply of pumps and mixers for 52 municipal effluent treatment plants in . The order is for a total of 335 mixers and 466 waste water pumps of different types and sizes.

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