KSB shares

Basic data

  • The share capital (€ 44.8 m) is divided into 1 751 327 no-par-value shares (ordinary and preference shares).
  • The number of ordinary shares amounts to 886 615 (equals € 22.7 m of share capital), the number of preference shares  amounts to 864 712 (equals € 22.1 m of share capital)
  • Market capitalization as per 31 December 2018:  € 491.3 m €


                                                                    Ordinary shares20182017201620152014
Dividend per share in €3.007.505.505.508.50
Percentage of dividend yield (based on year-end share price)
                                                                   Preference Shares20182017201620152014
Dividend per share in €3.387.765.765.768.76
Percentage of dividend yield (based on year-end share price)


  • Both the ordinary shares and the preference shares are listed in the German market segment General Standard (regulated market).
  • KSB shares can be traded at Xetra as well as at almost all German stock exchanges.
  • ISIN and stock exchange symbols
  • Paying agent: M.M. WARBURG & Co, 20095 Hamburg


  • KSB was founded in 1871 and converted in 1887 into a public limited company.     
  • Stock exchange listing with a long tradition: KSB is listed on the stock exchange since 1895.
  • Since January 17, 2018, the company is operating as KSB SE & Co. KGaA. In this legal form, the management is carried out by the personally liable shareholder KSB Management SE. Holders of ordinary or preference shares of KSB AG became shareholders in KSB SE & Co. KGaA with the change of legal form.


  • Johannes and Jacob Klein GmbH (successor of Klein Pumpen GmbH) holds approx. 84% of the ordinary shares and approx. 20% of the preference shares.
  • The remaining ordinary and preference shares are in free float.

Additional Information



Dieter Pott


Global Head of Finance and Accounting


+49 6233 86-2614

Annual Report 2018

View the 2018 Annual Report online or download a pdf file.