KSB shares

Basic data

  • The share capital (€ 44.8 m) is divided into 1 751 327 no-par-value shares (ordinary and preference shares).
  • The number of ordinary shares amounts to 886 615 (equals € 22.7 m of share capital), the number of preference shares  amounts to 864 712 (equals € 22.1 m of share capital)
  • Market capitalization as per 31 December 2017:  € 884.4 m €


                                                                    Ordinary shares20172016201520142013
Dividend per share in €7.505.505.508.5012.00
Percentage of dividend yield (based on year-end share price)
                                                                   Preference Shares20172016201520142013
Dividend per share in €7.765.765.768.7612.26
Percentage of dividend yield (based on year-end share price)


  • Both the ordinary shares and the preference shares are listed in the German market segment General Standard (regulated market).
  • KSB shares can be traded at Xetra as well as at almost all German stock exchanges.
  • ISIN and stock exchange symbols
KSB ordinary shareKSB preference share
Reuters symbolKSBGKSBG_p
Bloomberg symbolKSBKSB3
  • Designated Sponsor: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg


  • KSB was founded in 1871 and has been trading as a public company since 1887.
  • Stock-listing with long tradition: KSB has been listed since 1895, and thus for 122 years.
  • Since 17 January 2018 the legal form of the company has been that of a partnership limited by shares. The company is managed by the general partner KSB Management SE. With the change of the legal form, holders of ordinary and preference shares of KSB AG became shareholders of KSE SE & Co. KGaA.

Shareholder structure

  • Johannes und Jacob Klein (formerly Klein Pumpen GmbH) hold approx. 84 % of the ordinary shares and approx. 20 % of the preference shares.
  • The remaining ordinary and preference shares are free float.

Additional Information



Dieter Pott


Global Head of Finance and Accounting


+49 6233 86-2614

Annual Report 2017

View the 2017 Annual Report online or download a pdf file.