KSB shares

On the following page KSB provides basic information on the KSB shares. In addition to data on the stock listing and dividends, you can also find current stock charts.

KSB ordinary shareKSB preference share
Reuters symbolKSBGKSBG_p
Bloomberg symbolKSBKSB3
  • KSB has been trading as a public company since 1887 and has been stock-listed since 1895.
  • The share capital totals € 44.8 m and is divided into 1 751 327 no-par-value shares (ordinary and preference shares).
  • The number of ordinary shares amounts to  886 615 (equals € 22.7 m of share capital), the number of preference shares  amounts to 864 712 (equals € 22.1 m of share capital)
  • Both stock classes are listed in the German market segment General Standard (regulated market).
  • KSB shares can be traded at Xetra as well as at almost all German stock exchanges.
  • Approx. 80% of the ordinary shares are in the hands of a foundation, the remaining ordinary shares as well as the preference shares are freely floating shares.
  • The market capitalization as per 31 December 2016 amounted to  € 637.7 million €.

Dividend development of KSB shares

KSB ordinary share

Dividend per share in €5.505.508.5012.00
Percentage of dividend yield (based on year-end share price)

KSB preference share

Dividend per share in €5.765.768.76
Percentage of dividend yield (based on year-end share price)