Curriculum vitae

Volker Seidel, Münchberg

Electrical and Electronics Installer

Volker Seidel was born in Münchberg in 1965. 
After training as an electrical and electronics installer, he worked for five years in this profession for Friedrich Schoedel AG. He then did two years of further training as a trade union secretary with the trade union for the textile industry. In 1994 he took over the management of the trade union for the wood and plastics industry (GHK) at the office in Bayreuth. Following the integration of GHK into IG Metall in the year 2000, he was appointed to the position of trade union secretary. Since 1 September 2007 he has been the elected first delegate and treasurer of IG Metall Ostoberfranken in Münchberg. 

Volker Seidel has been a member of the Supervisory Board of KSB since 1 January 2008.

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