Supervisory Board of KSB SE & CO. KGaA

Dr. Bernd Flohr
Diplom-Kaufmann, Diplom-Soziologe, Geislingen (Steige)
former Member of the Board of WMF AG
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Alois Lautner
Lathe Operator, Kirchenthumbach
Deputy Chairman of the Pegnitz Works Council
(Deputy Chairman)
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Klaus Burchards
Diplom-Kaufmann, Stuttgart
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Arturo Esquinca
Chemical Engineer, MBA, Forch, Switzerland
Head of Business Development of the IPS Division of Coesia Group
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René Klotz
NC Programmer,  Frankenthal
Chairman of the Works Council of KSB SE & Co. KGaA and of Service GmbH
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Wolfgang Kormann
Hand Moulder, Pegnitz
Chairman of the Pegnitz Works Council and Chairman of the Group Works Council
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Klaus Kühborth
Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing., Frankenthal
Managing Director of Johannes und Jacob Klein GmbH (formerly Klein Pumpen GmbH)
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Birgit Mohme
Industrial Clerk, Frankenthal
Trade Union Secretary of IG Metall Ludwigshafen / Frankenthal
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Corinna Salander
Physicist, Stuttgart
Head of Railway Vehicle Technology at the Institute of Machine Components of the University of Stuttgart
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Volker Seidel
Electrical and Electronics Installer, Münchberg
1. Delegate of IG Metall Administration Area Ostoberfranken
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Gabriele Sommer
Geologist, Wörthsee
Head of Corporate HR unit, TÜV Süd
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Dr. H. Stefan Wiß
Corporate Lawyer, Ludwigshafen
Head of the Corporate Functions Legal & Compliance, Patents & Trademarks
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  • Personnel Committee:
    Dr. Flohr (Chairman), Lautner, Sommer
  • Audit Committee:
    Burchards (Chairman), Dr. Flohr, Klotz, Lautner
  • Nomination Committee: 
    Dr. Flohr, Kühborth
  • Corporate Development Committee: 
    Kormann, Kühborth, Seidel