KSB Brazil supports young people on their way into professional life

For the poorer portions of Brazil’s population, access to education is often denied. It was for this reason that the “Rotary International” organisation founded the “Association for the Education of the People of Tomorrow in Jundiaí” (Associação de Educação do Homem de Amanhã de Jundiaí, AEDHA) around 26 years ago. Companies such as KSB Brazil support AEDHA's activities.

The provision of education in the country is still in need of improvement. Although schooling is compulsory, 90 per cent of people working in agriculture only attend a school for a maximum of four years. In poorer areas of the major cities, only one child in eight goes to lessons. Attendance is often hindered by the fact that parents cannot afford school uniforms, reference and exercise books, or transportation. This led AEDHA to initiate a programme focusing on young people aged 16 to 18.

“Since the foundation of AEDHA we have been able to assist 9,000 young people with education and training,” reports Roque Zanatta, Head of Operations Americas (O-A) and a member of the association’s board.

More than 40 youngsters are completing work placements with KSB Brazil at four locations. Over 24 months, the teenagers gain theoretical knowledge at school alongside practical experience. They put their skills to the test via simple tasks in the administrative areas and on the shop floor, as well as assisting with documentation and data entry. The comprehensive curriculum also features telephoning and communication skills, using computer programs, archiving techniques, maths and fitness.

“We want to increase the level of education of young people and prepare them for the job market. This will enable them to find suitable employment to earn a good living,” explains Zanatta. If the young people show commitment, they often have the chance of gaining a paid position, possibly with KSB Brazil itself.

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