Responsibility: It's why we do what we do

Brazil, aid project As well as serving its customers and employees, KSB also makes a contribution to society at large. Especially significant is KSB's commitment to education for children and young adults, and the company's support for international projects to provide drinking water.
As a successful company, KSB is committed to sustainable development and social engagement. We are committed to the principles of the Global Compact. This United Nations initiative advocates improved social, ecological and economic equity on a global scale.

These aims are shared by KSB in its desire to help resolve social problems for the common good. Education for young people stands at the core of the company's social engagement efforts. KSB is helping pave the way for young people to develop their skills early enough to pursue a career that suits their talents and options.

Alongside these education projects, KSB is also involved in improving the availability of drinking water. The company regularly donates pumps for international drinking water supply projects. Innovative technology developed by KSB means that its pumps can operate reliably in all kinds of conditions anywhere in the world.

A vibrant sponsorship and donation culture

The provision of financial support for aid projects has a long tradition at KSB. This includes ongoing support for social developments in the areas around our locations. It is therefore traditional for us to forgo Christmas presents and instead donate funding for local community facilities. 

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“Responsibility: It’s why we do what we do”.

Get an impression of KSB’s social engagement in the film “Responsibility: It’s why we do what we do”.

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