KSB – your competent partner for efficient water treatment

At KSB we are experts in water treatment, water conditioning and seawater desalination. KSB pumps, valves and systems stand for technical progress and meet all recognised standards.

Water treatment Seawater desalination
KSB is a recognised specialist for reverse osmosis (RO) processes and offers optimum solutions for MSF (multi-stage flash) and MED (multiple effect distillation) processes.

Water treatment
KSB pumps stand for innovative technology and top performance in water treatment. They are energy-efficient and reduce the life cycle costs of the systems they are installed in.


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Reverse osmosis test stand

Reverse osmosis test bed

With its reverse osmosis test stand KSB makes sure SalTec systems are customised to the most diverse of conditions. KSB is the only manufacturer worldwide to own a reverse osmosis test stand.

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Movitec: the new generation of the proven high-pressure pump

Energy-efficient and reliable: the new Movitec high pressure pumps

KSB has managed to further increase the already high efficiency of its Movitec high-pressure pumps. The new pumps come with optimised hydraulic systems, highly efficient IE2 motors and PumpDrive variable speed systems.

Movitec Tea to Energy-efficient and reliable: the new Movitec high pressure pumps

KSB’s Multitec-RO

The high-pressure pumps of KSB’s Multitec-RO series stand for top operating reliability as well as low energy and maintenance costs in reverse osmosis processes.

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