KSB阿里巴巴官方旗舰店又出新品 在线阀选型软件助力客户高效选择

KSB Alibaba Flagship Store Launches New Valve Products and Online Valve Choosing Tool



Recently, KSB Alibaba Flagship Store has launched new valve products and on-line valve selection software for customers’ convenience. The customers may click the corresponding blocks to obtain relevant product information quickly in accordance with the required product parameter range.

KSB can help customers to select the appropriate BOAX valves quickly and precisely via the choosing tool.

For choosing BOAX valves, just choose the nominal size (DN) in mm on the horizontal axis, and the operating pressure (PN) in bar on the vertical axis.


For example, if you want to select a standard BOAX valve with the nominal size (DN) of 50mm and pressure (PN) of 7 bar, then just click in block 5 on the above picture, then all BOAX valves with DN 50mm and PN 7 bar will be shown.

This tool helps to save time for selection of standard BOAX valves in KSB Alibaba Flagship Store . In other word, this software can provide customers with their desired product information timely, quickly and effectively.

KSB’s design and sales tools for BOAX valves and ETA pumps are just a perfect combination for quick section and delivery of the best KSB standard products!

It is understood that KSB Alibaba flagship store has made active response and preparation base on the changes in the market and the purchase habit and decision-making habit of customers since it was launched on line in 2016. Through Alibaba on-line trade platform, KSB is able to provide customers with the latest and most complete information about valve products, such as detailed parameters, real-time quotations, prices, and high-quality wholesales, etc. It is committed to achievement of standardization, effectiveness, and internationalization in pump and valve industry.

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