KSB and Central Enterprises Build the Water Supply Project for the “Belt and Road” Initiative
As a new international strategic frame, the “Belt and Road” initiative has brought a multiple development opportunity to China's economy. At present, the road map for investment of the “Belt and Road” is very clear. The “Belt and Road” initiative will optimize the allocation of trade and production factors relying on the connectivity of the infrastructure along the line, thus promoting the regional integrated development. China’s continuous or further opening to the countries along the line will stimulate the investment in the infrastructure and progress of construction within the region, including the construction of municipal infrastructure in the central cities.

Just after the first half of 2017, the KSB’s team for water and sewage accurately focused on the key water supply projects of the “Belt and Road” initiative and signed the pump supply contracts of “Drinking Water Treatment Factory and Related Supporting Facilities for Sanaga of Yaoundé in Cameroon”, “Water Supply Project of Kafue in Zambia” and “Water Conservancy Project of Santa Elena in Ecuador” with three domestic leading central enterprises successively.

The design daily running water supply of the Water Diversion Project for Sanaga River of Yaoundé in Cameroon is 300,000 tons and it can be expanded to 400,000 tons in the future. This project’s construction time limit is three years. Upon its completion, the daily drinking water supply will be up to 300,000 cubic meters (can be expanded to 400,000 cubic meters). The drinking water supply is enough to meet the water demand of the capital city Yaoundé and its surrounding areas like Monatélé, Soa, Batchenga and Ntui for 30 years at least. KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd. will provide 28 sets of high-capacity and high-lift RDLO horizontal axially split pump series with the maximum power of each pump reaching 1,400kW. The picture below is RDLO horizontal axially split pump series:

赞比亚卡夫河供水项目主要工程内容包括在卡夫河上新建一座日处理能力为5万吨的水处理厂,在首都卢萨卡新建66公里供水管线以及新建加压泵站等附属设施。 卡夫河供水项目是赞比亚首都的重要民生工程。目前,卡夫河水厂是赞比亚首都卢萨卡市唯一的供水来源,近年来一直处于超负荷运行状态。该项目的实施,将大幅增加卢萨卡市集中供水能力,对解决缺水现状有着重要意义。KSB根据项目的特殊要求,提供两台KSB上海生产的SEZ系列抽芯式混流泵作为取水泵,以及八台KSB法国生产的MTC 250系列卧式多级离心泵作为供水泵。下图为MTC 250系列节段式多级泵:
The Water Supply Project of Kafue in Zambia mainly includes a newly-built water treatment factory with daily handling capacity of 50,000 tons on Kafue, newly-built water supply pipeline of 66 kilometers and newly-built supporting facilities like the booster pump station in the capital city Lusaka. The Water Supply Project of Kafue is an important project for people's livelihood in Zambia's capital city. At present, the Kafue Water Factory is the only source of water supply in the capital city of Lusaka in Zambia. It has been in overload operation in recent years. The implementation of this project will greatly enhance the centralized water supply capacity in Lusaka, which is of great significance to solving the current problem of water shortage. According to the special requirement of the project, KSB Shanghai will offer its two SEZ core puller mixed flow pumps as water intake pumps and eight MTC 250 horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps from KSB France as water supply pumps. The picture below is MTC 250 segment type multistage pumps:

Water Conservancy Project of Santa Elena represents the largest water conservancy project for people's livelihood in recent years. It is located in the arid areas of Guayas Province and Santa Elena Province in the eastern part of Ecuador where agriculture and tourism thrive. The project is mainly to restore, reconstruct and expand the existing old water supply system. Upon completion, the new system will benefit the agricultural production of 420,000 hectares and domestic water used by 570,000 residents in these two provinces. KSB Shanghai will produce and supply over 20 sets of all kinds of water pumps for this project, including SPN serial vertical volute pump, Omega horizontal axially split pump and Eta series horizontal end suction pump.

KSB, as one of the top companies in the global water supply industry, can provide all-around solutions of pumps and valves. In addition, it has a sound network of sales outlets and a good reputation established over the years in Africa and South America. This century-old German enterprise will continue to provide guarantee for central enterprises to create premium projects for the “Belt and Road” initiative.


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