Opening Ceremony of the CHT/YNKN Workshop

随着上海凯士比泵有限公司出口业务的不断提升,对产品质量和工艺要求也越来越高,为适应GMF全球化业务的发展,在2015年10月上海凯士比泵有限公司正式启动了CHT/YNKN车间的改造项目,历时21个月于2017年6月项目正式完成,这是KSB上海实现MBK (made by KSB,即上海制造,德国质量)这一战略目走出的坚实一步,车间改造的完成也标志着KSB上海成为全球高端制造工厂之一,提升了公司核心竞争力,为公司在国际业务上也提供了强有力的支持。
With the increase of export of KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd., it has ever higher standard for product quality and technology. To adapt to the development of GMF’s global business, KSB Shanghai formally launched the transformation project of CHT/YNKN workshop in October of 2015. After a time period of 21 months, the project was completed formally in June 2017, which represents a solid step forward towards the strategy of MBK (namely Made by KSB with German quality)of KSB Shanghai. The completion of the workshop transformation marks that KSB Shanghai has become one of the global high-end manufacturing factories, which has enhanced the company's core competitiveness and also provided powerful support for the international business of our company.

On June 26, KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony in CHT/YNKN workshop and Yao Mengxing, general manager of our company, delivered an important speech, in which he led everybody present to look back on the past of CHT/YNKN workshop and look forward to the future, and proposed the new direction for development. Zhu Jiongyi, the director for operation in the region of North Asia, put forward the new goal of “first-class factory and world-class factory” for the development of the new workshop. Mr. Li Xiaoping, director of MO production and operation, expressed his gratitude to the hard work of relevant employees, and at the same time put forward new requirements for the promotion of employees’ skills and product quality in the future. Following it was a ribbon-cutting ceremony at which everybody proposed a toast to celebrate altogether. Finally, the workshop team showed all of them around the new workshop and explained the new technology and equipment in the workshop in detail.

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