Listen to U 高管面对面

Listen to U-Face to Face Communication with Senior Executives

“Listen to U 高管面对面”是KSB构建员工沟通的渠道之一。每月都会有固定的主题。秉持着开放、安全、有跟踪、有反馈的原则,旨在收集员工敬业度持续提升的合理化建议。扫描二维码了解更多主题信息。
“Listen to U-Face to Face Communication with Senior Executives” is a channel for KSB to communicate with employees, with a monthly assigned topic. Based on the principle of “open, safe, tracking and feedback”, it aims to collect the rational suggestions that can continuously promote the dedication of employees. Scan the QR code for more topics.

This session of Listen to U-Face to Face Communication with Senior Executives was opened by Ms. Zhang Zhuoya, Regional HR Manager, North Asia. The topic was "What kind of boss could give me a sense of accomplishment”. Ms. Zhang said that “the best communication must be face to face. I hope all of you don’t hesitate to tell your ideas in the discussion.” Then she took out a small box and said with a smile to all participants “We have prepared a small gift for each of you. Let’s draw a raffle for the gift.” The atmosphere became active and harmonious instantly and everybody smiled to their hearts’ content.


It followed that the two senior executives---Zhang Qian (Senior Purchase Manager) and Li Xiaoping (Production Director for Engineering Pumps), and Secretary Zheng Yaohui, a representative from the trade union who was invited to participate in this activity introduced themselves. And then all the participants introduced themselves in succession. The seminar got started in a relaxed atmosphere. Everybody aired his/her own views around the topic - “What kind of boss could give me a sense of accomplishment”.

The editor summarized the following key words based on their discussion as the “reference for the remarks and behaviors of managerial staff”. Since they are heartfelt wishes from ordinary people, I hope the leaders read it three times before going to work everyday.


 爱公司,爱岗位,爱员工。
 Love the company, love one’s own post and love employees.


 高瞻远瞩,有正确且明确的目标。
 Looking far ahead, with correct and clear goals.

 思路清晰,能够将目标分解、传达、沟通、统一
 With a clear mind, able to divide, convey, communicate and unify the goals.

 能够在工作中带领团队达成或超越目标。
 Able to lead the team to reach and surpass the goals.

 能够调动员工积极性,会打鸡血。
 Able to mobilize the employees by giving a shot in the arm.


 硬仗必须冲在最前线的,工作中也能做员工坚实的后盾。
 Fighting at the front line when tackling tough problems and acting as the solid backing for the staff in work.

Discriminating in rewards and punishments

 能够及时认可员工的付出和成果。
 Able to recognize the employees’ efforts and achievements in time.

 能够用合理的方式及时指正员工的错误。
 Able to correct the employees’ mistakes in time in a rational way.

 在绩效考核中应该是公平、公正、透明、有事实、有依据、基于标准、重视过程管理。
 Fair, just, transparent, based on the facts and standards in performance assessment, focusing on process management.

High EQ

Able to adopt suitable methods to communicate with different employees.

Knowing how to listen to others, able to control his/her temper and deal with problems with a high EQ.

Positive Energy

Full of positive energy, able to transmit it to people around.

Fair and just, willing to hear the truth.

Knowing the subordinates and assigning them to the right posts

 懂得如何有效地授权。
 Understanding how to delegate effectively.

 能够给到员工挑战。
 To assign employees with challenging tasks.

 能够看到员工不足之处和闪光点。
 Able to identify the shortcomings and good points in employees.

 重视员工发展的,能给出建设性意见帮助员工提升。
 Paying attention to the development of employees, able to offer constructive suggestions for their improvement.

 了解员工的价值并且用心珍惜。
 Understanding the value of employees and treasuring them.

 能在职业规划上给到员工建设性意见并提供必要的资源。
 Able to give constructive suggestions to employees in planning of career and offer them necessary resources.


 能够关注员工的心理变化,关心爱护员工的
 Able to pay close attention to the psychological changes of employees and care for them.

 能够深入一线,了解问题根本原因,解决问题。
 Able to go to the grass roots to find out the basic reason of problems and solve them.

It won’t help if we only summarize. We need the practical action! Let us ordinary people see real difference! We have made a draft plan and hopefully you can offer your own valuable ideas and suggestions for making improvement.

Action One: The company will make a poster of the "reference for the remarks and behaviors of managerial staff” and put them up on the corridors, offices and dining rooms where leaders would pass or stay, so they can do as it says all the time.

Action Two: The elements in the “reference for the remarks and behaviors of managerial staff” will be included into the training for leadership. Action Three: The company will make quantitative and qualitative assessment of leading actions of the leaders and then send feedback to them so as to urge them to conscientiously improve their leadership.

Thank you for your great support for this event! Welcome all of you to enter for the next session of Face-to-Face Communication with Senior Executives.

日期:5 月 23 日,主题:如何让员工更有归属感。
Date: May 23;  Topic: How to give employees a stronger sense of belonging?

Senior executives attending the sessions in May: Zhang Zhuoya, Yu Jianzhong, Jiang Ping and Zhang Qian.

Expect to see you again!

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