KSB Pump Installed in the Largest Urban Drainage Pumping Station in Asia - -Houhu Pumping Station


With the installation of KSB, the drainage capacity in Hankou District will nearly be doubled at the end of May. The residents in Houhu area will not be troubled by the water-logging and stinking smell from Huangxiao River in case of torrential rain. This time altogether 12 sets of SEZ1800-1490 pump were installed at Houhu Pumping Station, which will greatly promote its pumping capacity.

KSB SEZ vertical cylinder type mixed flow pump can be used for both the transportation of cooling water for power plants and factories and transportation of sea water in the desalinator. Besides that, it is highly effective in urban drainage and agricultural irrigation.

SEZ water pump is characteristic of high safety and low cost in operation, so it is deeply favored by the owners in recent years. With the advantages of small investmentcost, reliable quality, low maintenance cost and long service life as demonstrated in many pumping stations in recent years, it has won remarkable commendations for KSB.


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