KSB Compliance Guidelines & Reporting Email

In the global competitive environment, our customers and business partners expect, in addition to high-quality products and services, professional and honest behaviour that includes compliance with legal regulations and
ethical standards. By meeting these expectations we cement confidence in our company and the KSB brand. At the same time, we maintain the values that have characterised KSB’s activity for decades.

We are jointly responsible for our company’s reputation. Improper behaviour by even one person can damage our reputation for a long time. That is why we need a binding concept of what defines our shared understanding
of professional and honest business behaviour. We have summarised the relevant guidelines and key rules in the following Code of Conduct. We will keep a close eye on future developments in the legal and business environment and adapt the Code as required.

The KSB Code of Conduct offers orientation and assistance but also contains the binding requirements our
actions need to be based on. Fully committed to these rules, we expect consistent adherence to the following
“core values” from our managers and employees at all levels and will monitor this in an appropriate manner.

Reporting Email Address: compliancechina@ksb.com


KSB Code of Conduct

Download  (pdf 745 KB)

Corporate Directive on Prevention of Corruption

Download  (pdf 494 KB)

Compliance Reporting Email

Download  (pdf 494 KB)
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