KSB Enters "Guoneng E Shopping"

KSB Enters "Guoneng E Shopping", Opening A New Chapter on Cooperation of Spare Parts Service

On November 7, 2017, the China Guodian Corporation convened its "Guoneng E Shopping" Online News Conference in Beijing, and invited the first suppliers of the "Guoneng E Shopping" to gather in Beijing to sign the Cooperation Agreement on Entrance to "Guoneng E Shopping".  As one of the first five contracting suppliers, Shanghai KSB Pump Co., Ltd designated Mr. Ma Jian, its project manager to sign the cooperation agreement, and Mr. Jing Hongbo, the sales manager of the company, witnessed the signing ceremony.

On November 16, the negotiating group of China Guodian Corporation came to KSB’s Minhang workshop to discuss the details of cooperation in the Framework Agreement. Mr. Qian Jun, Vice General Manager, and Mr. Gao Jingsong, Sales Director from Shanghai KSB received them and held a meeting. At the meeting, both sides talked about their successful cooperation experiences, and expressed their strong willingness for further cooperation in the future. After an orderly negotiation process, both sides agreed on the terms of the Framework Agreement and the details of cooperation, formally confirming the implementation of the Framework Agreement.

The smooth development of the Spare Parts Service Framework Agreement between KSB Shanghai and China Guodian Corporation is attributed to their good foundation for cooperation. In recent years, the Global Sales Director and Executive Director North Asia of KSB and the Senior Leaders of China Guodian Corporation have held a number of talks to fully identify the mutual cooperation in the field of energy, and raised higher requirements for future business cooperation. The finalized Framework Agreement is also inseparable from the hard works and efforts of both sides. Under the guidance of Mr. Gao Jinsong, the Spare Parts Service and Technical Retrofit Team of KSB has done a lot of preparatory work carefully together with the Shanghai branch of China Guodian Material Corporation, which ensures that the whole work can be carried out in an orderly manner. On the basis of the framework agreement, both sides will further promote deep cooperation in maintenance services of boiler water circulating pump and slurry circulating pump of KSB and technical transformation of the power plants under China Guodian Corporation.

At the same time, as one of the first suppliers of "Guoneng E Shopping", KSB Shanghai also expressed its appreciation to China Guodian Corporation. This new on-line purchase platform in the era of big data offers a new cooperation mode and thoughts for future business cooperation. Shanghai KSB will continue to promote the all-round framework agreement in the energy field, and provide advanced, high-quality products and timely professional services for the vast majority of Chinese energy users, so as to guarantee the safe and stable operation of power plants.
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