Review on the Exchange Meeting Between KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Urban Drainage Co., Ltd.

In the late summer this year, taking advantage of the chance that KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd. will lay out its long-term development in the municipality-level water supply and drainage within China, Mr. Yao Mengxing, the General Manager of KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd., led a team to visit Ningbo Urban Drainage Co., Ltd. on August 23rd. and held in-depth and amicable communications and exchanges with Mr. Shen Hao, the GM of the drainage company, and the staff at its Chief Engineer Office.

At the meeting, Mr. Yao introduced in detail the developmental course of the KSB brand and KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd. and described the values and ideas of the KSB products as well as a series of measures of the company for providing high-quality follow-up services to customers. Mr. Shen, the drainage company’s General Manager, also expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Yao’s visit. The two sides reviewed their previous cooperation while they also showed great expectations for many projects in the future.

Mr. Shen Zhengliang, the accompanying Senior Manager taking charge of the Water and Waste water Department of KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd., made specific detailed and sufficient explanations of the technical issues that were raised by Mr. Zhou, Director of the Chief Engineer Office of the drainage company. All personnel of Ningbo Urban Drainage Co., Ltd. at the meeting agreed that they had learned and benefited a lot and they should have met earlier and showed as well their expectations for more technical exchanges later.

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