From trainees: KSB Training Room has been set up, and the apprenticeship system could improve our capability of customer service

When entering into KSB, we become its employees, and the fruits gained by us after suffering from frustrations and setbacks would make our lives more wonderful and colorful! KSB helps us understand the Company and adapt to the work at a faster pace, and it has also set up a training room accommodating 20 people, which allows us to hold and attend training courses for after-sale service personnel in order to improve our professional technical knowledge and enhance our service capability. In addition, KSB could also hold training courses for service staff working in the North Asia.
As a saying says that “one could show himself/herself after he/she understands himself/herself well”, KSB prepares a platform for us to study, which has greatly shortened our study time but helped us understand products and prepare well for after-sale service at a faster pace. As we know, we would become better via long-term accumulation of experience and gradual understanding of products, so, KSB arranges experts to hold lectures for us and even teach each of us by means of “apprenticeship system”. The service workshop at the ground floor has also been set up for our practice.
As after-sale service staff, we should meet different customers every day, and meet all kinds of people in life. So, it is very important for us to find out ways to understand demands of customers, and we could improve ourselves via different training courses. As we know, we should understand the products well, so that we could understand what customers really need and timely respond to them.
During training, the Company hopes that all trainees could participate in the courses with an open mind and sincere heart, and could study hard with right attitude. Furthermore, it is hoped that all trainees could improve their professional knowledge and response capacity after training.

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