The First KSB Photography Competition of “The Most Beautiful KSB in Your Mind” Launched

We collect photography works from KSB staff and WeChat users, hoping you to capture the simple happiness, warm help, selfless dedication and sincere lookout in the life of KSB in a form of image, showing the warm side of KSB in everybody’s heart and freezing every ordinary and vivid moment eternally.

This competition is not limited in content with “The Most Beautiful KSB in Your Mind” considered as the topic, like one corner of KSB plant, KSB staff, KSB products and others related to KSB. The works can be photographed by professional camera, mobile phone or tablet PC, etc. in single frame or combined photos.

The submission deadline is October 15. Then, we will select 12 excellent works as the background photos of 2017 KSB desk calendar through WeChat’s voting. All participants will get a gift offered by KSB. The winners will also respectively get a bottle of German Riesling wine customized by KSB.

The participants only need to pay close attention to the official WeChat of KSB. In other words, after you click the button “Add” at the top-right corner in the WeChat address book and then search and pay close attention to “KSB” in the button “Search the Official Numbers”, you can upload the works and related information (like works+ works title+ a description for no more than 200 words+ real name+ your mobile phone number) or send the works to the marketing department head’s email address:

You can participate in the photography competition at any time and any place to share the excellent photography works and explain the most beautiful KSB in your mind. We look forward to your participation.

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