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This page contains all our press releases from 2012.

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  1. KSB Value Training


    Studies show that in strong corporate culture, almost all of themanagement personnel have basically the same value and operatingmethods, they are used to one coordinated act with united strength with one business direction. This coordination, enthusiasm, organizedand unified leadership helps enterprise growth.

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  2. KSB win the he title of "Shanghai innovative enterprise"


    These years, KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd is emphasis on R&D investment, increasing in product development and industry-university-institute cooperation as well as actively involved in drafting out mechanical industry standards. Thus, we have achieved very good results in the innovative capability and innovation system construction of our company as well as marketing of high-tech products.

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  3. KSB Official Microblog is opened!

    In the booming e-commerce today, network communication is increasingly superior to traditional paper media, becoming an online marketing media widely applied and highly concerned by the people. Since 2012, the KSB headquarters in Germany has begun to especially build the online communication platform and has made ideal performance.

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  4. GBS Seminar in Guangzhou


    The year of 2012 is a year for the GBS of KSB China to rigorously expand! In this year of development, Our GBS team has held total 23 targeted commercial activities all over the country, including 7 exhibitions, 4 times of training and 7 customer seminars. On November 23, 2012, we held the last customer seminar of the year at Guangzhou Chime Long Hotel.

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  5. KSB attend the Sixth IFME Shanghai

    The Sixth IFME Shanghai_original

    “The Sixth IFME (Shanghai)”sponsored by CGMA started at SWEECC (from Oct. 31th to Nov. 2nd) and ended successfully. The exhibition theme is “innovative energy saving and green manufacturing”. Its scale, level, professionalism and effect have been No.1 among related exhibitions in China.

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  6. Paulaner Oktoberfest in KSB Shanghai


    The Munich Oktoberfest held every year is one of the largest festivals in the world. Ever since 1810, people have held Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese in the west of Munich every year, with annual visitors of over 6 million.

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