The first app that can hear energy saving potential

In just a few seconds, the KSB Sonolyzer app can measure the noise frequency of an asynchronous motor and identify whether there are potential energy savings to be made. An industry first estimation algorithm, developed by KSB, powers the app and can take readings not only on KSB pumps but also on rotating equipment produced by other manufacturers.

Is your operating point outside the part-load range?  If it is, your system isn’t operating as efficiently as it could be.  Contact your KSB rep directly from the app to find out how you can increase your system’s efficiency and decrease your operating costs. Or you can download our Five Things to Check, a checklist of five things to consider when looking to increase your system’s efficiency.

You can download the KSB Sonolyzer app free of charge for your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store . The pump app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Step 1
Step1: Download
Step 2
Step 2: Select Pump
Step 3
Step 3: Enter Data
Step 4
Step 4: Listen
Step 5
Step 5: Results


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Sonolyzer FAQ

Check out here if you are experience problems while using the app...

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5 things to check for increased system efficiency

Download our checklist of 5 things to check first for increased system efficiency.

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KSB Sonolyzer - A World First

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