Long-life KSB Pumps and Valves for Power Stations

Generating power at high efficiency is the definition of KSB's long-life pumps and valves for modern power stations. Energy suppliers need to meet the their economic demands, while also protecting the sustainability of the environment.  Our know-how and experience across a wide spectrum of pump and valve technology makes us the ideal partner for the operators, consultants, and plant engineering contractors of super critical power plants.

Power Station Heyden2 High-performance components offering high operating reliability and availability are of paramount importance. This is particularly important in supercritical power stations, where high pressures and high temperatures are involved. This is precisely what long-life KSB pumps and valves do. They are unmistakenly reliable even under extreme operating conditions.

KSB is your dependable partner all over the world

KSB is known around the world for reliably meeting the guaranteed efficiency thanks to special design details. KSB thus ensures that plant engineering contractors and operators obtain sufficient planning resources and knowledge that they need to increase power station efficiency.

All circuits as well as the auxiliary systems can be equipped with KSB products

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KSB RESIDUR ceramic bearings – robust plain bearings for all tubular casing pumps

KSB’s maintenance-free, wear-resistant RESIDUR ceramic bearings are able to cope with continuously high loads and demonstrably reduce the life cycle costs of your system.

More to KSB’s RESIDUR ceramic bearings – robust plain bearings for all tubular casing pumps
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KSB cellular surface wear rings

Low operating costs, high reliability: KSB cellular surface wear rings reduce leakage flow and ensure high efficiency.

More to KSB cellular surface wear rings – minimum leakage loss, maximum efficiency
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