Munich Airport, Germany

Constructed in 1992 to replace a smaller airport, Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport is Germany’s second largest aviation hub after the Frankfurt Airport.  Between it’s two terminals, the airport is capable of serving 45 million passengers every year.

During construction of Terminal II at the airport, consultants and owners were equally convinced of the superiority of KSB’s high-tech products, and used every single product from our building services product portfolio.

More than 200 Etaline Hya-Drive, a large number of Compacta UZ as well as other pumps and valves of various types and sizes are giving reliable service somewhere in the airport buildings, the outlying grounds and in the energy supply facility. Our service specialists are always on hand to make sure the KSB equipment operates as expected and thus play their part in the flawless running of plant and equipment at the airport. Bespoke service concepts help to detect system irregularities before they can cause a major malfunction, and failures are thus all but avoided.

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Munich Airport

An internationally significant airport,it is now Germany‘s second largest aviation hub after Frankfurt am Main

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