KSB’s social commitment – in Germany and worldwide

KSB’s social commitment is diverse. It includes education partnerships like the “Wissensfabrik” (Knowledge Factory) and global support for educating and training young people, such as the KSB CARE aid fund.

wissensfabrik-engagement-picture KSB’s social commitment in Germany includes several projects whose aim is to generate interest in science, technology and business.

“Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland” (Knowledge Factory – Companies for Germany)
KSB was a founding member of the “Wissensfabrik” in 2005. This collaboration between 70 companies aims to prepare the next generation for global competition.

“Story workshop”
Under the umbrella of the “Wissensfabrik”, KSB developed this pilot project to promote language skills among children at an early age.

“NaWi - geht das?“ (Science – how does it work?)
KSB experts bring experiment kits to primary schools. Teachers and pupils can use them to conduct science experiments.

“Improving training opportunities for young people”
KSB has been involved in this programme run by the Federal Labour Agency since 2007. In this context, we enable lower secondary school students to gather work experience in our own vestibule training workshops for a few weeks.

Rewarding business ideas
At three of its sites, KSB honours students who have implemented business ideas in their own projects.

KSB’s global social commitment is focused around the KSB CARE aid fund which was launched in 2008. The fund enables us to finance projects aimed at training needy children and young people in the Region Asia/Pacific. KSB companies spend 65,000 euros a year on such projects. KSB CARE supports, among others:

  • Around 100 primary and secondary school students in the Quang-Nam province in Vietnam
  • More than 100 children in Shanghai and Kunming in China
  • Children in Indonesia, providing them with the necessary learning materials
  • A girls’ school in Pakistan, building a water pipe to supply clean drinking water
  • A girls’ college and a primary school in Pakistan, providing school equipment
  • Flood victims in the Philippines, Sumatra and India, providing money and other donations

“Donations instead of Christmas gifts”
KSB supports schools and charitable organisations as part of the Christmas campaign first launched in 1996.

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