KSB EasySelect®: the online entry point to KSB’s pump and valve portfolio

Figure 1 Easy select

KSB produces an amazing array of pumps and valves for a wide range of applications in areas as diverse as water supply, energy production, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, food and beverage production and building services. Moreover, within many pump families, there are often many options available, such as casing and impeller materials, impeller types, seal types, motor configurations etc.

To help customers zero in on the optimal pump type and setup for their specific needs, KSB offers a sophisticated online product selection and configuration tool called EasySelect®. This tool, which can be conveniently accessed from the KSB website, guides users through a step-by-step process to discover the type of pump that will best meet the requirements of their application, define the appropriate size and power rating, and select the correct pump options to ensure long an reliable service life. At several stages during the selection and configuration process, the user can download and print useful documents such as product specifications and installation documents and order forms.

EasySelect provides users with several ways of navigating the selection and configuration process. The “step by step” approach begins by asking the potential customer to begin by specifying an industry segment (e.g. water transport, wastewater management, industry etc.) and then selecting a specific application area. The customer is then invited to define the duty point (i.e. flow rate and head) and operating conditions (static head and input pressure). (For North American customers, it is important to specify that the pump is intended for use with a 60 Hz power supply.) Next, the customer can select the preferred pump construction type (e.g. baseplate, close-coupled, submersible etc.). As the customer provides more details about the nature of his or her application, the selection tool will automatically pick out the types of pump that are most suitable for the project. EasySelect will recommend an optimal choice of model and size of pump, but will also list other configurations that could be viable alternatives. As customers move through the selection process, they can look at and compare performance curves and other data for the pumps recommended by the tool.

KSB pumps (such as the Etanorm family shown here) come in a wide range of sizes and specifications KSB pumps (such as the Etanorm family shown here) come in a wide range of sizes and specifications

Customers with some knowledge of the KSB product line can choose a selection method that skips some of the preliminary steps of the “step by step” approach. For example, the “pump selection using operating conditions” option bypasses the initial questions about general application characteristics and takes the user directly to the questions about duty point and operating conditions. The “direct pump size selection” method lets the user pick the pump family directly, then helps quickly zero in on a specific size and model that meets specific application requirements.

A Pump configurator

Once one or more suitable pumps have been selected, EasySelect will help the customer find the optimal pump configuration.  Here again, the customer provides more information on their requirements and EasySelect will recommend the appropriate pump options such as special types of seals or bearings. Accessories that will simplify the installation or operation of the pumps can also be specified at this point.

Once the required pumps have been selected and configured, the customer can request a price quotation and have the system generate ordering documents. Of course for final pricing information, it is always helpful to get in touch with a sales rep from KSB or one of our distributors.

Access to documents

EasySelect provides access to a wealth of documents that can assist a potential customer to select the right pump configuration for his or her application and to plan for both installing the pumps and operating them in an efficient and reliable manner. Available documents include summary brochures, full technical specifications (with characteristic curves), installation manuals, CAD drawings that can be incorporated into overall plant plans and operating manuals. These documents are offered in PDF and popular CAD formats and can be easily downloaded from the EasySelect portal. 

Keeping the human touch

EasySelect is a powerful and sophisticated tool that can help potential customers gather a great deal of information about KSB’s pump solutions. It is particularly useful for ‘off-the-shelf’ products such as standard small to mid-size submersible pumps, baseplate or close-coupled pumps and KSB’s versatile Movitec® series of inline booster pumps. However, KSB also specializes in large special-purpose pumps for a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial applications. For these complex and expensive machines, EasySelect can provide an excellent starting point for exploring the types and models of pumps available from KSB. However, this type of pump is often custom-built to meet the specific demands of a particular application. In this case, we recommend that potential customers contact a KSB sales representative who can put them in contact with an experienced application engineer in order to explore the full range of options available and arrive at a truly optimal solution.

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