Pump Services from KSB

KSB pumps are built to provide long, trouble-free operating lives. However, even the best machinery needs some help to deliver its full potential. For pumps, this means a combination of regular inspections, routine preventative maintenance and, eventually, major overhauls. KSB Pumps Inc.’s Service Division is dedicated to helping pump operators get the very best long-term performance from their equipment – including pumps from other manufacturers.

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The first step in ensuring excellent pump performance occurs when a pump is selected for a particular application. KSB offers a wide variety of pump types; all of these are available in a broad range of sizes. Getting a good match between pump characteristics and system requirements helps ensure reliable and energy-efficient operations. In addition, proper sizing of piping, mounts and power supplies all contribute to good performance.  Application engineers from KSB have the skills and experience to help buyers choose the right pump for the job. And, once the pumps are on-site, technicians from KSB’s Service Division can help with installation and commissioning, ensuring that the pumps get a good start at their new home!

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Once the pumps are in operation, a good program of preventative maintenance helps to keep things running smoothly. This generally involves regular inspections, accompanied by periodic lubrication and replacement of certain parts such as seals, wear rings and bearings. The KSB Pumps Service Division is available to help train local staff in setting up a preventative maintenance programme and carrying out routine tasks. KSB technicians are also available for on-site service calls. This can be especially valuable for more complex pumps, such as large high-pressure boiler feed pumps. 

After several decade of service, even well-maintained pumps can require a more comprehensive overhaul. This would usually be carried out to correct the accumulated effects of wear and corrosion. In some cases though, the operating conditions in the plant have changed so that there is an opportunity to improve overall pump performance by re-configuring the hydraulic element so that the pump’s ‘sweet spot’ (best efficiency point) is made to more closely match the new operating requirements. KSB’s Service Division has the skills and equipment required to perform major pump overhauls, either at the customer’s facilities or in their Mississauga service centre.

article picture 2 © KSB Aktiengesellschaft When older pumps require major overhauls, it can be difficult to source the necessary spare parts. KSB can help here too. For KSB products, the company maintains extensive records and can manufacture out-of-production parts on demand. For equipment from other manufacturers, we can call on KSB-affiliate Standard Alloys Inc., a US-based company that employs sophisticated reverse-engineering and manufacturing tools to reproduce hard-to-obtain spare parts for pumps of any origin. Thanks to these commitments, KSB has the capacity to restore pumps to like-new condition many decades after they have gone out of production.  In fact, refurbished pumps can turn out better than new: with the gift of hindsight and new technologies, it is often possible to improve on the original design.

Pump Inspection Check-List:

  • Are the pump and motor running smoothly?  Are there any problems due to bearing wear or misalignment between pump and motor?
  • Are there any signs of blockage in the throat of the impeller or buildup of material behind the impeller?
  • Does the oil or grease for bearings or seals need topping up or replacement?
  • Are there any signs of leakage through seals ar gaskets? Are seals due for scheduled replacement?
  • Are wear components (e.g. wear rings) due for replacement?
  • Are mounts secure?  Are pump/motor couplings in alignment?
  • Is the piping system in good condition?
  • Are power connections, drives, controls etc. in good condition?
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