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  1. Water Transport Pumps from KSB


    The term “water transport” covers a wide range of applications! It can refer to the movement of large volumes of water from treatment plants to ...

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  2. Water for a Thirsty World: Reverse Osmosis Systems from KSB

    RO System

    Reverse osmosis (RO) has emerged as one of the most effective technologies for extracting high-purity water from salty, brackish or contaminated ...

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  3. Efficiency of Pumps

    Multiple pumps operating

    Pumps are everywhere in modern industry. For water supply systems, wastewater treatment facilities, factories, refineries or power plants, we rely ...

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  4. Pump Services from KSB

    May main picture_Service

    KSB pumps are built to provide long, trouble-free operating lives. However, even the best machinery needs some help to deliver its full potential.

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  5. KSB and Canada’s Mining Industries

    Open Pit

    Mining industries are an extremely important part of the Canadian economy. National Resources Canada reports that in 2012, mining contributed ...

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  6. Pumps for Water Extraction

    Water extraction_pic

    “Water extraction” refers to the process of drawing water from a natural or man-made source. It is usually a first step before water is sent to a ...

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