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  1. A review of ISO and ANSI pump standards

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    While of course the easiest and most straight forward option for a North American company may be to pursue only ANSI standard products, doing so ...

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  2. Form Follows Function

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    A glance at a pump manufacturer’s catalog or at the American Petroleum Institute’s standard API-610, reveals that hydraulic pumps come in a wide ...

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  3. Hitting the Sweet Spot

    Hitting the sweet spot.art_original

    It’s well understood that a centrifugal pump will perform best when the duty point (the combination of flow rate and developed head required by ...

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  4. Reducing Clogging in Wastewater Pumps


    Solid materials suspended in domestic sewage or industrial wastewater can cause serious problems for pumps in wastewater management facilities...

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  5. Getting Pumps off to a Good Start: Installation and Commissioning

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    Pumps are like people: giving them a good start in life can contribute substantially to their long-term health and productivity...

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  6. On-site Testing of Pumps

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    The key to minimizing the cost of operating pumps lies in making a good match between each machine’s performance characteristics and...

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