Versatile High-Pressure Pumps Now Configured for Horizontal Mounts

KSB Pumps Inc. has introduced new members of its popular Movitec series of high-pressure pumps. Earlier members of the Movitec family have been mainly configured for in-line installation, with the inlet and outlet nozzles on opposite sides of the pump. The new Movitec H models are designed to be mounted in a horizontal arrangement, with the inner threaded inlet nozzle parallel to the axis of the pump and the outlet nozzle positioned to feed a vertical or horizontally aligned outlet pipe. This new configuration provides system designers with further options for installing these versatile and highly efficient pumps. They are ideal for applications such as water distribution, water treatment, cooling water supply, boiler feed and pressure boosting.

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Like other members of KSB’s Movitec family, the Movitec H pumps are engineered to reduce energy costs through the use of efficiency-optimized stainless steel stage casings and impellers. Easy-to-replace cartridge-type mechanical seals simplify maintenance and help ensure long, trouble-free service lifetimes. These new pumps will be available in five sizes, with different numbers of stages. The maximum flow rate is 26 cubic metres per hour and the maximum discharge head is 195 metres. Fluid temperature can range between -20 and +140 ˚C. Premium high-efficiency motors are available on request.

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