KSB SewaSlide Pump Mount Speeds Maintenance Work

KSB’s new SewaSlide pump maintenance aid is designed to make operations such as impeller inspections, blockage clearances and seal replacements quicker and easier. Available as an optional accessory for the company’s Sewabloc family of wastewater pumps, the SewaSlide is a movable support that makes the task of opening the pump a simple one-person job. With the SewaSlide in place, the maintenance technician would simply undo the bolts fastening the volute casing to the rest of the pump and slide the core pump assembly (including the impeller, shaft, bearings, seals and motor) away from the volute casing. The volute casing remains in place, attached to its inlet and outlet pipes. Once the pump has been opened, the impeller is exposed so that it is straightforward to remove the materials that have caused blockages or to perform other maintenance operations. Once these tasks have been completed, the pump can be quickly re-assembled by rolling the impeller/shaft/motor assembly back into place and re-inserting the bolts. No cranes or lifting apparatus are required.

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The SewaSlide mechanism has been designed to fit around the normal Sewabloc pump mounts and to be quickly assembled or disassembled. For facilities with several Sewabloc pumps, a single SewaSlide unit can be moved between these pumps on an as-needed basis.

Sewabloc pumps are single-stage, close-coupled centrifugal pumps optimized for use with solids-containing fluids such as sewage, industrial wastewater, or stormwater.  Available in a range of sizes, with a maximum flow capacity of 830 cubic metres per hour, Sewabloc pumps feature advanced KSB impellers designed to minimize clogging due to solids in the waste stream.

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