KSB’s Multitec Family Has New Members

KSB’s Multitec series of high-pressure multi-stage pumps has been expanded with the introduction of two new higher capacity models. The new Multitec 200 and 250 models have discharge flange diameters of 200 mm and 250 mm (up from a maximum of 150 mm for previously available models) and can deliver flow rates of up to 1,500 cubic metres per hour and developed heads as high as 400 m. These pumps are specifically designed for water supply applications where high pressures are needed to move water – including drinking water – over extended distances. Like the smaller members of the Multitec family, the new pumps are designed to provide owners with reliable, efficient operations and simplified maintenance procedures. A pressure balance drum reduces axial forces on bearings, while the layout of the pump enables bearing and seal replacement without requiring disassembly of the core hydraulic elements

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KSB’s Multitec pumps are part of the company’s industry-leading portfolio of high-pressure multi-stage pumps for the industrial, water supply and commercial markets. These pumps include the high-performance HGC and HGM boiler-feed pumps that have been a mainstay for power plants worldwide. At the smaller end of the scale, the compact and cost-effective Movitec family of pumps provide pressure boost capabilities for water supplies tall buildings and other industrial and commercial applications.

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