Smart Phone App Helps Analyze Pump Performance

KSB has announced the release of an exciting new app for smart phones and tablets that can estimate the operating efficiency of your pump, indicating if there is any room for improvement. The KSB Sonolyzer app, a world first in this area, uses the device’s built-in microphone to listen to the sound made by the motor fan during operation. The user enters some basic information from the pump’s nameplate (pump type, rated head, rated capacity, motor power and normal operating speed), then makes a 20 second recording of the pump in operation. By analyzing this recording, the app can determine the pump’s precise rotational speed and determine whether the pump is running inside or outside of its optimal operating range. Armed with this information, the pump’s owner can consider whether it would be beneficial to make changes to the pump or operating environment that would improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Further analysis by a KSB technician can identify areas for improvements such as impeller modifications or the installation of a variable frequency drive.

The owners of many non-KSB products can also use the Sonolyzer app to assess the operating health of their equipment. The KSB Sonolyzer app is available at no charge for iOS or Android devices.

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