Seal Replacement Made Easy: New Cartridge Seals from KSB

KSB Pumps has introduced a new family of modular cartridge-type mechanical seals that are optimized for wet or dry-installed wastewater pumps. Two seal stages are arranged in tandem and feature highly wear-resistant silicon carbide primary rings to ensure excellent protection for the pump’s bearings and motor and long, trouble-free service lives.

During development of the 4STQ double mechanical seal module, KSB’s engineers strove to ensure that installation and removal procedures would be as straightforward as possible. The modular design minimizes downtime during maintenance and prevents the seals from being installed incorrectly. There is no need for assembly fixtures or fastening bolts. An internal multi-spring arrangement provides for the required pre-loading for the primary sealing rings. These springs are located in an oil reservoir that protects them from contamination or corrosion due to water ingress. The seal cartridge fits precisely into the installation space, ensuring accurate alignment with the pump’s shaft. This reduces wear and improves service lifetimes. All metal components are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel while FKM elastomers are used for the O-rings.

The new 4STQ modular seals are designed for KSB’s Sewatec and Amarex wastewater pumps and are suitable for the full range of operating conditions specified for these pumps.

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