Here at KSB in Canada, we are constantly active, both in and out of the office.  Ranging from global product releases to regional news in Canada, KSB Pumps, Inc. seeks to aid its customers in providing it the knowledge to understand all the happenings involved with KSB.  Regular press information is constantly updated to provide the latest news at KSB Pumps, Inc.

KSB publishes up-to-date press releases sorted by the date released, but can also be found under the following segments:

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Print-quality press photos are provided in the frame column of the relevant press release. If you have any questions, your KSB contact will of course be happy to help.

  1. KSB Canada welcomes visitor from back home

    Mike Blundell with Dr.Weingarten

    In early May, KSB Canada received an important visitor from Rheinland-Pfalz, the German state that has been home to the parent KSB Group for all of its 144 years.

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  2. KSB Introduces New High-Capacity Multitec Pumps

    Figure 1 Multitec Cut away

    KSB has extended the range of its Multitec family of pumps with new high-capacity models that deliver flow rates of up to 850 cubic metres per hour and delivered heads as high as 390 m.

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  3. KSB Extends Range of Etabloc Series Pumps


    KSB’s popular Etabloc family of pumps has acquired new members, including a new model rated for use with motors of up to 110 kW

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  4. Michael Blundell leads KSB in Canada and the US

    Mike Blundell

    Michael Blundell has been appointed President of KSB Group’s USA operation headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. 

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  5. Richmond, B.C. Controls Flooding with KSB Pumps

    Richmond BC Amacan

    Richmond, BC, a dynamic and rapidly growing municipality near Vancouver, faces serious challenge from flooding. Built on several low-lying islands in the Fraser Delta, the city has an average elevation of just one metre above sea-level.

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  6. KSB Pumps Achieves ISO 9001-2008 Certification

    ISO Certification SErvice Center

    As of December 15, KSB Pumps Inc. is certified under ISO 9001-2008 for development, production, marketing and service of pumps, valves, auxiliary equipment and systems.

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