Here at KSB in Canada, we are constantly active, both in and out of the office.  Ranging from global product releases to regional news in Canada, KSB Pumps, Inc. seeks to aid its customers in providing it the knowledge to understand all the happenings involved with KSB.  Regular press information is constantly updated to provide the latest news at KSB Pumps, Inc.

KSB publishes up-to-date press releases sorted by the date released, but can also be found under the following segments:

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Print-quality press photos are provided in the frame column of the relevant press release. If you have any questions, your KSB contact will of course be happy to help.

  1. KSB Pumps’ Marcus Henderson Elected to OPCEA Board of Directors

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    Marcus Henderson, Business Development Manager for Mississauga-based KSB Pumps Inc., has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Ontario Pollution Control Equipment Association (OPCEA).

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  2. KSB’s Multitec Family Has New Members

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    KSB’s Multitec series of high-pressure multi-stage pumps has been expanded with the introduction of two new higher capacity models...

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  3. KSB Announces Distribution Partnership with ONTOR Ltd.

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    KSB Pumps has announced a partnership agreement with ONTOR Ltd., a Toronto-based distributor for equipment and supplies for HVAC systems.

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  4. Versatile High-Pressure Pumps Now Configured for Horizontal Mounts

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    KSB Pumps Inc. has introduced new members of its popular Movitec series of high-pressure pumps. Earlier members of the Movitec family have been mainly configured for in-line installation...

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  5. KSB SewaSlide Pump Mount Speeds Maintenance Work

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    KSB’s new SewaSlide pump maintenance aid is designed to make operations such as impeller inspections, blockage clearances and seal replacements quicker.

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  6. Seal Replacement Made Easy: New Cartridge Seals from KSB

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    KSB Pumps has introduced a new family of modular cartridge-type mechanical seals that are optimized for wet or dry-installed wastewater pumps.

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