Here at KSB in Canada, we are constantly active, both in and out of the office.  Ranging from global product releases to regional news in Canada, KSB Pumps, Inc. seeks to aid its customers in providing it the knowledge to understand all the happenings involved with KSB.  Regular press information is constantly updated to provide the latest news at KSB Pumps, Inc.

KSB publishes up-to-date press releases sorted by the date released, but can also be found under the following segments:

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Print-quality press photos are provided in the frame column of the relevant press release. If you have any questions, your KSB contact will of course be happy to help.

  1. KSB Pumps teams up with AWC Process Solutions in British Columbia and Alberta

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    KSB Pumps Inc. has announced a new wastewater sales and distribution partnership with AWC Process Solutions (, a Vancouver-based supplier of wastewater systems and products. AWC Process Solutions will be a KSB authorized dealer for wastewater products and services in British Columbia and Alberta. AWC Process Solutions will have access to spare parts, service, replacement pumps, to ensure seamless local support for KSB industrial and municipal wastewater customer base in Alberta and British Columbia. AWC Process Solutions will also work closely with KSB sales staff on new project activity, bringing added value to KSB’s growth efforts in Western Canada.

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    “We are excited to be partnering with a company like AWC to add to our coast-to-coast wastewater coverage.“ says Michael Blundell, President of KSB Pumps. “With over 40 years of experience, AWC’s staff will bring a high level of expertise in aftermarket support and turnkey solutions to KSB’s end user customer base in British Columbia and Alberta. We are excited for the next step in our growth phase in Western Canada and look forward to working closely together with a great company like AWC."

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  2. KSB Pumps increases its Atlantic Canada wastewater coverage with new Flowstar Inc. Partnership

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    KSB Pumps Inc. is pleased to announce a formal partnership agreement in wastewater sales and distribution with Flowstar Industrial (, a Nova Scotia-based supplier of wastewater products.

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  3. KSB to Supply Pumps for Hamilton Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

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    KSB Pumps has been awarded a contract to supply twelve large wastewater pumps for the Woodward Avenue...

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  4. KSB Introduces Improvements for High-Temperature Pumps

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    KSB’s Etanorm SYT pumps have been a mainstay of process industries that need to handle high-temperature water or thermal oil.

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  5. KSB Pumps Names Mike Kruis to Head Service Department

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    KSB Pumps President Michael Blundell has appointed Michael Kruis to the position of Service Manager...

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  6. KSB Extends Range of Available API-Compliant High-Pressure Pumps

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    KSB has added a new large-size member to its CHTR series of high-pressure pumps for petroleum industry applications...

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