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  1. Are you ready for the 500 year storm? The Submersible Water Pump Hero

    500 year storm

    People may still be arguing about climate change, whether it’s real or not, but one thing is certain — municipalities can no longer plan for the ...

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  2. The Flushable Disaster Waiting to Happen in Municipal Waste Water

    Flushable disaster

    People don’t think much about what goes on under their feet every day, and they think even less about what goes on with their local sewage system.

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  3. An Insider’s Perspective on German Engineering

    German Engineering

    If you’ve done business around the world, you quickly start recognizing subtle and sometimes enormous differences. When it comes to design and ...

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  4. KSB’s seamless quote to production process


    Ramin Ghasemi has been a regional sales manager for KSB for 8 years in the Water and Waste Water Department and has worked in the pump industry ...

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  5. Engineered Pumps - We Deliver More Than Expected

    engineered pumps_pic

    KSB is an engineered-pump company. Our main focus is on providing a high-end, high-quality product to the customer that is the right pump for the job.

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  6. A Groundbreaking History of Pump Design Creates a Powerful Aftermarket Capability

    Pump design pic

    Groundbreaking pump design is of those specialty fields like a custom home, a one-off Ferrari, or a piece of highly engineered technology that ...

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