KSB's new strategy to: Conquer the Clog

To Conquer the Clog, the pumping solution has to be robust and reliable.

But that is just one important part of an entire system for processing wastewater.

Take a "systems approach" when evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment facility.

KSB has a variety of solutions to help design clog-free operations from source to discharge.


A sewer pipeline for waste water transport. KSB Australia supplies pumps suitable for underground waste water applications. KSB

While the increasing use of wipes is a challenge, different systems will handle this problem differently. Variable fluid content will influence performance. Engineering and planning of wastewater facilities requires knowing what kind of wastewater or sewage must be pumped for trouble-free performance and energy efficiency.

There are three general types of wastewater pumping stations, depending on pump types used:

1. Conventional Dry Pit Pumping Stations

2. Submersible Pumping Stations

3. Submersible Pumping Stations In Dry Pit Installation

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Max is KSB Australia's solution for clogged pumps.

KSB fights to Conquer the Clog

New hydraulics, new pumps and new impellers to arm you in the fight to Conquer the Clog

Conquer the Clog to KSB fights to Conquer the Clog