Optimum energy balance thanks to Amaprop submersible mixers

Two low-speed Amaprop submersible mixers from KSB are employed in the biogas process to ensure energy-efficient, reliable operation.

Amaprop in the digester Amaprop in the digester

Two Amaprop mixers get the job done:

KSB provides a reliable and energy-efficient solution for the mixing job: Two Amaprop low-speed submersible mixers with a propeller diameter of 2.5 metres and a power rating of 6.5 kW are positioned at different levels. The large propeller moves a huge amount of substrate at a low flow velocity, so flow losses are reduced. The mixing process also protects bacteria. In this configuration, hydraulic power is not introduced from the tank’s edge but exactly where it is needed: within the digester. An Amaprop 1000 mounted at the tank wall has been specially developed for biogas applications to combine the effectiveness of a low-speed agitator with the flexibility of a higher-speed mixer.

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