GIW® Minerals MHD Slurry Pump

MHD low head slurry pump

Designed to provide high flow/medium head with high efficiency for high volume transportation in long pipelines. Ideal for pipeline booster stations and severe mining duties. Also for hopper dredges or as main pump on cutter dredges.

Design and Technology

  • shell hydraulics designed with our predictive wear program to match most any duty requirements.
  • impeller hydraulics designed for high suction performance and large solids passage
  • constructed as horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps to give maximum resistance to solids while simplifying maintenance.
  • conventional single wall design transfers stress loads to non-wearing side plates in high pressure applications
Operating LimitsApplications
Q m³/h32,000
  • booster stations
  • hopper dredges
  • cutter dredges
  • underwater hopper dredges
H mup to 80
p barup to 28
T ºCup to +120

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