GIW® Minerals MDX Mill Duty Xtra Heavy Pump

KSB delivers non-stop solutions for boosting productivity and profits. The GIW® Minerals MDX pump, the heart of the mill circuit, tackles the most extreme duty conditions. The features of the MDX pump combine to create a head/quantity and efficiency curve critical for efficient mill operation. MDX cyclone feed pump

Design and Technology

  • Lower Specific Speed Design:  A large diameter impeller results in slower pump operation leading to extended parts wear life.
  • Up to 300 psi Pressure Rating:  Thicker cross sections translate into long and reliable pump service life.
  • Deep Base Circle:  Minimizes aggressive particle impingement providing a sliding wear action. Typical abrasive wear drops dramatically.
  • Oversize Shrouds:  Enhanced vane performance provides added clearing action minimizing recirculation and wear between the impeller and suction liner.
  • Patented Inlet 5V Impeller:  Designed to handle both liquid and solid phases within the slurry to maximize pump performance and wear life.
  • Slurry Diverter:  GIW’s latest technology dramatically increases suction liner life by reducing particle recirculation between the impeller and liner.
  • Adjustable Suction Liner:  Extended suction liner wear life maximizes productivity and minimizes cost by matching operating cycle times with scheduled mill outages.
Operating LimitsApplications
Q m³/h14,000
  • SAG and ball mill circuits 
  • mill discharge
  • cyclone feed and screen feed
H mup to 90
p barup to 16
T ºCup to +120
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