PumpMeter – greater transparency for increased energy efficiency

Mounted on the pump as a standard feature, PumpMeter measures all major operating data and visualises it via a user-friendly display. This allows pump users to see at a single glance if their pump is operating in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

Pump and PumpMeter The following data can be checked on the clearly structured display:

  • All relevant measured variables
  • All relevant pump operating data
  • Operating point
  • Load profile


* Depending on the characteristic curve type, no differentiation is made between the curve's first two quarters, i.e. during low-flow operating conditions, and the corresponding segments of the pump curve are displayed at the same time.

Features which help to increase energy efficiency:

  • Energy efficiency icon (EFF) provides information on potential energy savings around-the-clock.
  • PumpDrive variable speed system can be retrofitted easily, as PumpMeter provides all parameter values required

Benefits of KSB's PumpMeter monitoring unit

  • Mounted on the pump as a standard feature, PumpMeter simplifies the commissioning procedure of the pump and retrofitted PumpDrive
  • The connection of PumpMeter to the process control system using standardised interfaces allows central access to relevant data
  • PumpMeter is more favourably priced than conventional measuring instruments
Additional Information

Product brochure PumpMeter

PumpMeter – gain a deeper insight into your pump

Product brochure PumpMeter