Pumps and valves of the highest level of safety for industrial applications

For industrial applications KSB combines innovative technology with outstanding service. KSB’s industrial pumps and valves cover almost any application.

KSB’s industrial pumps and valves work under the harshest of conditions, meeting the highest level of safety. For example:

  • In extreme temperatures
  • Under high pressure
  • Handling aggressive, corrosive and solids-laden fluids

Benefits of KSB’s products

  • Powerful performance
  • Efficient
  • Long service life
  • Environment-friendly

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Saving energy with PumpDrive speed control

The PumpDrive variable speed system increases a pump’s energy savings potential by up to 60 percent. As the units come ready for operation, set for the specific pump set, operating them could not be easier.

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Additional Information

Product Brochure Pumps and Automation

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Product Brochure Pumps and Automation11 MB
KSB Australia Fire Pump Brochure

KSB Australia Fire Pump Brochure

When things get hot, Fire-fighting pump packages from KSB

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