AMTRONIC is an open/close control unit suitable for mounting to ACTAIR/DYNACTAIR actuators from KSB with direct compressed air supply. It can be mounted either to quarter-turn actuators with VDI/VDE 38/45 interface or linear actuators with NAMUR interface. Their functions include open/closed position signalling and compressed air supply.


Product Benefits

  • Visual position indicator
  • Adjustable mechanical limit switches or proximity sensors
  • Electrical connection via screw-type terminal strip
  • Precise setting of actuating times via air flow reducers accessible from the outside
  • Connection to Profibus and AS-I field bus systems
  • Intrinsically safe version available

Additional Information

Brochure Amtronic-Smartronic

Safety and Precision for Pneumatic Actuators

Brochure Amtronic-Smartronic1 MB