KSB Helps

Selection software for waste water pumps

KSB Helps recently revised software for consultants, already tried and tested many times in practice, is easy-to-use software with a proven track record. The software assists consultants and operators in selecting a reliable pump configuration for dry-installed and wet-installed waste water pumps. To this end, KSB Helps lets you quickly and easily find the right pump for systems used to transport and treat waste water.

Your pump selection is made in no time on the basis of just a few entries. Helps PumpSelection finds suitable pumps and appropriate accessories to meet your specifications. Simply enter the volume flow rate and the discharge head, and voilà, Helps PumpSelection finds you the optimum pump based on these two entries. Select the pump that is best for you and configure it in line with your own requirements.

Clearly defined interfaces ensure secure data exchange as well as integration in your own system. Helps PumpSelection promptly provides you with detailed typicaltenders, which you simply copy using drag and drop. Clearly arranged and suitable for international use, the selection sofware offers substantial time and cost savings. Have a look at all the benefits at a glance below.


  • The pump selection software enables users to copy data and drawings directly to the plant planning system
  • Calculation of pressure losses
  • Selection of the right pumps
  • Configuration of pump sets
  • Precise CAD drawings that include the installation options selected
  • Detailed typical tenders

KSB HELPS PumpSelection Software


Version: 4.3.12 Build 259

Date: 10.10.2019

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