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  1. Flying high with submersible pumps from KSB

    Submersible borehole pumps from KSB create fountains for water shows.

    Metre-high fountains meet coloured lasers: submersible pumps from KSB turn water shows into a spectacular event.

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  2. Waste water disposal for Mont-Saint-Michel

    Waste water transport, Waste water lifting units

    As the monastery at Mont Saint-Michel is one of France’s most frequently visited tourist attractions, reliable waste water transport is essential. KSB has supplied highly efficient waste water lifting units to the island which serve this purpose.

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  3. Pumpstation St. Petersburg

    Pumping station in St. Petersburg

    Europe's deepest waste water pumping station is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. As this requires innovative and high efficiency technology, KSB pumps were selected to transport the waste water from deep below into a channel.

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  4. Keeping a cool head – with KSB pumps in the Abu Dhabi district cooling plant


    District cooling is the key to saving energy and increasing efficiency in Abu Dhabi, where central cooling systems are operated with KSB pumps.

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  5. Steam turbine power plant in Egypt


    KSB pumps are in operation around the world. In Egypt's El-Tebbin steam turbine power plant, for example, cooling water pumps, condensate pumps and boiler feed pumps from KSB play a crucial role in the country's energy supply.

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  6. Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Spannenburg, the Netherlands


    KSB pumps stand for quality and efficiency. This is why they were the preferred choice for equipping the largest drinking water treatment plant of Vitens in the Netherlands.

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