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Read about the projects KSB is involved in. Where are KSB pumps and valves in operation around the world? What challenges does KSB tackle every day? And who are the people that work for the company? Find out about all of this and more in our KSB Magazine.

  1. Calio circulator pump wins award for special design

    Design Award

    The jury of the Rhineland-Palatinate Design Award declared the KSB pump to be an innovative and good product, ranking it among the top twelve award-winning products this year.

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  2. Centrifugal Pump Basics

    Pump Head Diagram

    Selecting pumps: Using manufacturer’s data to choose the best pumps for your applications

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  3. All inclusive: KSB offers mixer flat rate for biogas plants

    Amaprop pic

    High-efficiency mixers without investment costs? Comprehensive service and high energy savings? This is all part of the Amaflat package, which is now available to operators of biogas plants.

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  4. Efficiency of Pumps


    Pumps are everywhere in modern industry. For water supply systems, wastewater treatment facilities, factories, refineries or power plants, we rely on pumps to drive processes or simply to move water to where we need it. Of course, all this activity requires energy – lots of energy.

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  5. Flood control scheme assists Canada’s cranberry farmers

    Cranberries are the single largest crop grown in the City of Richmond and the fields are flooded during the harvesting period.

    Canada’s largest growing area is in The City of Richmond in British Columbia where KSB pumps assist in harvesting and flood alleviation.

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  6. Giant pumps from KSB keep Mexico City dry

    El Caracol pic

    Mexico City is repeatedly threatened by large volumes of water. The 20 million residents of the metropolis are receiving help in the fight against floods from 20 submersible motor pumps from KSB.

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