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Read about the projects KSB is involved in. Where are KSB pumps and valves in operation around the world? What challenges does KSB tackle every day? And who are the people that work for the company? Find out about all of this and more in our KSB Magazine.

  1. Surfs up!


    Today it is no longer necessary to go to the beach to experience the thrill of surfing – thanks to KSB submersible pumps.

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  2. Blue is the colour for Karl Trohn

    Numerous blue painted valves and valve bodies stored on Euro palettes.

    KSB has operated an automated paint shop since 2001. This is Karl Trohn's domain. A look behind the scenes

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  3. Innovation award for Etanorm


    It is the most frequently used standardised water pump in the world: Etanorm from KSB. In recognition of its success story it has received the innovation award from the trade journal MaschinenMarkt.

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  4. A pump put to the test

    A pump put to the test

    When a pump needs testing at KSB, it is time for Uwe Baier to put in a night shift. This time round he will be testing a boiler feed pump for a coal-fired power station.

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  5. Improving Efficiency and Reliability with Custom-Built Impellers

    Hitting the sweet spot

    It’s well understood that a centrifugal pump will perform best when the duty point (the combination of flow rate and developed head required by the system where the pump is installed) is close to the pump’s best efficiency point (BEP).

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  6. Getting Pumps off to a Good Start: Installation and Commissioning

    Startup Pumps

    Pumps are like people: giving them a good start in life can contribute substantially to their long-term health and productivity. In the case of pumps, taking extra care with installation and commissioning procedures can pay off handsomely in ensuring long and trouble-free service lives.

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